The 30-Day Guitar Challenge Home Stretch!

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Day 29: ‘Heroes’ Verse

Main Task: Learn the verse of ‘Heroes’.

We’re getting down to it!  Today and tomorrow, then we go on to bigger and better things!

Don’t let the length of this section freak you out.  This verse progression from ‘Heroes’ is all stuff you’ve seen and done before.  It’s also the bulk of the song since this one doesn’t have a chorus in the traditional sense.

Also, notice the repeat bar and the end of the first line.  You’ll play that line twice, then the rest as written.


Day 30: ‘Heroes’ Bridge and Full Song

Main Task: Learn the bridge for ‘Heroes’ and put everything together.

Day 30!  You made it!

Today we’ll put together the whole arrangement for ‘Heroes’.  No surprises here.  Just putting everything in the right order.

Here’s the arrangement:
DG = D Major to G Major, 2 measures each.  Just like the first line of the verse you learned yesterday.

Intro  DG 2x
Verse 1x
Instrumental  DG 4x
Verse 1x
Verse 1x – Play the first line (DG) 4x for this one
Outro DG to the fade out

…And there ya go!  Three songs in 30 days.  But you’re not done yet.  Keep reading…


Now what?

You have made some spectacular progress over the last 30 days!  And the #1 most important thing is that you’re now in the habit of playing your guitar every day.

So it’s time for you to level up.  You’ve got a few good tools under your belt, but I have a lot more to show you.  You need to learn how you can attack any song and have the skills and confidence to teach yourself how to play it.  You need to learn how to think like a musician.

You played guitar today.  If you’re going to play guitar tomorrow, visit me over here and let me show you the next step.