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Have you had this conversation?

"You play guitar? Play me something!"
"Oh, I um, uh...don't really know any songs."

Frustrated that you only "know a few chords"
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you playing 3 real songs in just 30 days...

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Learn 3 complete songs on guitar (plus tools you'll use forever) in just 30 days.

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Who is this guitar challenge for? Do I need to be a certain level of player? +

This challenge is for beginner guitar players.  Even if you've never picked up a guitar before, this will give you a nice quick start.  Or maybe you've played a little bit, poked around some videos and random lessons, but can't really put it all together yet.  This challenge is the perfect way to help you do that.

What songs am I going to learn? +

You'll learn "Dead Flowers" by the Rolling Stones, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day and "Heroes" by David Bowie.

I chose these particular songs because they're easily broken down into baby steps that you can learn quickly.  And you'll be able to use these same tricks to break down other songs after.

So the song choices themselves don't matter that much.  The idea is to get you playing a little bit each day and give you some quick wins as a starting point.  So even if you don't like these songs, remember that you'll be able to apply the techniques to other songs later.

10 minutes per day? Aren't I supposed to practice longer? +

There is one goal for this challenge - Play every day for 10 minutes.  For most students I work with, the biggest obstacle is just building the habit of playing guitar every day.  By setting the bar so low at just 10 minutes, you'll feel ridiculous if you DON'T do it.  This is a proven technique used my experts in positive habit development.

You can play as long as you want, of course.  But playing for just 10 minutes we'll keep you jonesing to pick up your guitar the next day and every day.  After the challenge finishes I'll show you how to structure your longer practice times to get the most progress out of them.

How can I possibly learn anything in just 10 minutes of playing? +

I've broken these songs down to the tiniest of baby steps and we'll gradually build each tiny idea up into a whole song.  Small, quick wins will keep you energized and ready to pick up the guitar each day.

What if I can't keep up for some reason? +

That's totally ok.  Everyone learns at their own speed.  The most important thing is putting in that consistent 10 minutes per day of playing.  There's no way to not improve if you're playing every day.  Plus you'll have access to me and the other challenges participants in our private Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback.

Who's teaching this? +

My name is Phil Johnson and I've been teaching guitar since 1993.  But in 2012 I completely flipped everything I was doing with my students upside down.  After reading and experimenting with a ton of ideas in accelerated learning, life hacking, and habit development, I devised a completely different way of teaching my guitar students that I haven't seen in other programs and has been working like gangbusters.  The 30-Day Guitar Challenge is the beginning of bringing that system to you.

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