New Guitar Course: How to play and think like a real guitarist and finally get in the habit of playing every day and enjoying it!

A course for beginner and "kinda know some stuff" guitarists built on accelerated learning principles, the science of skill mastery, and life hack style positive habit development.

See what's inside.

You don't need 11,000 lessons. You need just 22.

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle?

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, says that 80% of output comes from 20% of the input. In its original form Vilfredo Pareto noticed that 80% of his peas came from 20% of his pea plants.  In more modern terms you might think of a team where 80% of the work is accomplished by 20% of its members.

The good news is this same 80/20 rule applies to learning guitar too!  Playing music is a huge, wide-ranging lifetime pursuit. There's always something new to discover and nobody knows everything about music.  BUT you don't need every bit of esoteric musical knowledge to enjoy playing guitar and even make money doing it.

Instead you just need the tools you'll use every day as a guitarist.  The 20% of guitar knowledge you'll use 80% of the time.  Once you've got that 80%, then you can go wild learning all the crazy out there stuff that only gets used once in a while.

In Just 22 Lessons You'll Learn...

  • How To Think Like A Guitarist

    You’ll have the same mental systems that professional guitarists use to sound good even on songs they’ve never played before.  Even better than learning to think your way through a song, you’ll learn how to NOT think your way through a song. We’ll get that signal from your brain to your fingers in the fastest way possible.

  • How To Move Like A Guitarist

    No, not how to make dumb guitar player faces or throw your foot up on a stage monitor. Those are optional.  I mean you’ll know exactly how to place and use your hands for the most efficiency in your playing. Sometimes the smallest tweak can make a world of difference.

  • How To Sound Like A Guitarist

    Oh yeah. Bends, pulls, slides, hammers, rakes, scoops… All the good stuff that makes it sound like you know what you’re doing.  Plus you’ll be able to fearlessly navigate the entire neck and find any note or chord you need.

I get it. Private guitar lessons are a great way to learn. But they're expensive.  To study with me in my private studio costs $2340 per year.  That's why you started banging around in the recesses of blogs and YouTube to pick up some guitar tips.

But the problem you're running into is a lack of guidance.  You don't know what you don't know.  And you don't know how to stack your new skills in the right order to make learning the next thing easier. That's where Less Is More Guitar comes in.  You get the same materials I use with my private students and personal help from me. All backed by my decades of teaching and research into accelerated learning and skill mastery principles.

In other words, you get all the hand-holding and guidance without the giant cost!

fade-leftfade-rightGet Personalized Help

According to Anders Ericsson - author of "Peak" and the guy who coined the often misunderstood "10,000 hour rule" - one of the most important aspects of deliberate practice is getting feedback on your work.

Why?  Because an extra pair of eyes will catch things that you're missing.  It's why professional athletes have coaches and recording artists have producers.  Having someone besides yourself dedicated to helping you play better means you'll be able to fix the deficiencies in your playing much faster.

To get you the feedback you need, every Less Is More Guitar Package comes with entrance to our private Facebook group.  You can ask questions, post videos of yourself for feedback, and whatever else you find it useful for.  I check in there daily to answer questions and you can also get valuable feedback from other LIMG students.

In the LIMG Gold Package you'll get access to our private Facebook group and 3 bi-monthly webinars where you can come in and get answers to your questions.

Finally, in the LIMG Platinum Package you'll get the private Facebook group, the 3 bi-monthly webinars, and 6 monthly one-on-one lessons with me via Skype (or possibly in person if we're in close proximity to each other).

fade-leftfade-rightAbout your instructor...

My name is Phil Johnson and I've been teaching guitar and tromping around stages across the country since 1993.  A few years ago, after getting into the work of people like Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Anders Ericsson, and others, I realized there's a better way to teach guitar than the way I'd been doing it.

So I set out to write a guitar method that encompasses these principles:

  • Gets you playing quickly without resorting to shortcuts that will hinder your progress later
  • Shows you the mental shortcuts that professional guitarists use to learn new songs quickly
  • Helps you build the habit of playing guitar daily
  • Shows you new concepts in an order that helps reinforce and build on what you've already learned through strategic repetition
  • Gives you a well-rounded guitar education that you can apply to any genre.

After 4 years of writing, testing, and rewriting with my private students, Less Is More Guitar meets those goals and will help you become the guitarist you want to be.

fade-leftfade-rightGet it now... Get lifetime updates.

To make sure you get the maximum benefit from Less Is More Guitar, you're going to receive every update to the core system for free.

I'll be refining the system and fixing any parts that people run into trouble with.  (I've super simplified the process of learning guitar so anyone can understand it. But I still run across some misinterpretations and things I can improve on...) I'll be adding video lessons and other support materials.  And when I finish each update you'll get it for free.

So why not just wait and get the later version?

- Later versions of LIMG will be much higher priced to reflect the content offered
- I won't be grandfathering people in forever.  This is a special offer for early adopters of the program
- If you wait it means you'll be putting off learning guitar in the easiest way possible and either delaying or frustrating your guitar playing for even longer. And that will make us both sad.

Guarantee Box icon-style-21

1 Year Money Back Guarantee

If you go through all the lessons in Less Is More Guitar and put in the time on your guitar and still don’t feel you’re a better guitarist, I’ll happily refund all your money.

fade-leftfade-rightSo let's get started...

What kind of guitarist do you want to be?  The kind that rocks thousands of faces off on huge stages?  The kind that writes beautiful introspective acoustic music?  Or maybe you just want to play some songs for your kids?

Those are all great musical goals and they start right here with Less Is More Guitar as the foundation of your guitar playing.  You already know that trying to figure it out on your own doesn't work that well and expert guidance can make a huge difference in your playing.

Whatever style you want to play... Whatever songs you want to learn... These 22 lessons will get you on your way to reaching your musical goals and help you focus your limited practice time exactly on the stuff that will make you a better guitarist.

And with a 1 year money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose in trying it out. But you have plenty to gain by becoming a better guitarist.

So let's do this!  Pick your package below and I'll see you on the other side to get you started...

fade-leftfade-rightChoose Your Package

1 Year Money Back Guarantee
Less Is More Guitar Ebook feat. 22 Jam-Packed Lessons
Private LIMG Facebook Group for help and support
3 Bi-monthly group webinars to get your questions answered
6 Monthly one-on-one Skype Lessons with Phil Johnson

LIMG Basic


  • Less Is More Guitar Ebook feat. 22 Jam-Packed Lessons
  • Private LIMG Facebook Group for help and support
  • 3 Bi-monthly group webinars to get your questions answered
  • 6 Monthly one-on-one Skype Lessons with Phil Johnson



  • Less Is More Guitar Ebook feat. 22 Jam-Packed Lessons
  • Private LIMG Facebook Group for help and support
  • 3 Bi-monthly group webinars to get your questions answered
  • 6 Monthly one-on-one Skype Lessons with Phil Johnson

LIMG Platinum


  • Less Is More Guitar Ebook feat. 22 Jam-Packed Lessons
  • Private LIMG Facebook Group for help and support
  • 3 Bi-monthly group webinars to get your questions answered
  • 6 Monthly one-on-one Skype Lessons with Phil Johnson

Your Ebook will be available for instant download after payment

fade-leftfade-rightGot Questions?

How long will it take me to finish the course?

Everyone works at a different speed and it mostly depends on how much playing time you’re getting in. If you’re doing the prescribed 20-30 minutes per day you’ll probably finish in 6 months to 1 year. But I’ve seen a lot of variability both shorter and longer. The important part is that you will be steadily improving your guitar playing every day no matter how fast or slow you finish the course.

What will I learn in the course?

There are a collection of musical tools that every guitarist uses no matter the genre they play, whether they’re BB King or Kerry King.  That’s the toolkit inside Less Is More Guitar.

  • The 4 most important chord progressions you’ll find in thousands of songs
  • How to decipher any rhythm you come across
  • How to find any note/scale/chord on the fretboard quickly
  • All the chords you’ll ever need presented in a way that makes musical sense instead of just learning a collection of chords
  • How to easily read all different types of music notation
  • How to create improvised solos that are cohesive and melodic
  • All the important ornamentation techniques (bends, slides, hammers, pulls, rakes, etc.)
  • Special “Experiment” exercises to help you break out of “the rules” and play stuff you didn’t know you could.
  • And advance intermediate concepts like extended chords, chord substitutions, modal scales, fingerstyle playing
  • And the proverbial “And More!”

And you can preview the contents of the course here.

Do you really offer a 1-year money back guarantee?

You bet.  Unless you already know everything in this book (in which case it’s not for you), I believe there’s no way you can go through this course without becoming a better guitarist.  But if that happens I’ll happily refund all your money.  Feel free to preview the contents of the course here to see if it’s what you need.

How long does it take to get good?

This is a tough question to answer because it totally depends on you.  It depends on what your idea of “good” is.  Does it mean shredding like Tosin Abasi or just being able to bang out some tunes around the campfire. It also depends on how much playing time you put in.  The more you play and the better the quality of your practice time the faster you’ll improve.  And yes, I’ll show you how to have top quality practice time.  You just have to get your fingers on the strings regularly and you’ll improve greatly.